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      French Dubuis grounding expansion plug pin and rail plug pin

      The difference between the two plug screws is as follows:

      The grounding plug pin is used for equipment grounding on vehicles.

      Rail plugs are used for track return grounding and signal transmission.


      1. Dubis grounding plug pin

      Earth Bond Hardware

      Earth bond for steel and stainless plates

      The grounding plug pin is suitable for stainless steel plate

      Earth bond for aluminium plates

      The grounding plug pin is suitable for aluminum plate

      Plug grounding system is a revolutionary method to establish an electrical safety connection between the structure and the equipment to ensure that there is no short circuit when the high-intensity current passes through.

      Grounding plugs for iron and stainless steel plates:

      Tinned copper bushing

      316L stainless steel bolt

      Grounding plug pin for aluminum plate:

      Nickel plated aluminum bushing

      316L stainless steel bolt

      Grounding nut:

      Similar to plug pin, it is composed of conductive bushing and bolt with internal thread

      Product features:

      Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum * plates

      It is suitable for plates with thickness of 1.5mm and above

      Single side operation can complete the installation

      It can be installed to blind hole

      permanent low resistance electrical connections

      It can be removed and replaced in case of damage

      It can be used on uneven surfaces

      made of corrosion resistant materials

      cost effective because only a limited number of tools are required to repeat the installation work

      It can be operated by one person

      extensive independent testing

      Recommended use of major OEMs in RMT, marine and military markets

      2. Dubis rail stud

      Dubis provides a solution for reliable connection, and the order of railway system network with this concept will be greatly improved. In the installation of railway plug pin, there is no impact on rail and plug pin. As long as there is no vehicle passing through, different types of drawing tools can be used to install plug pins of various specifications. The tin plated copper bushing with the best ductility and conductivity makes the electrical connection between the signal line terminal and the track optimal.

      Pass SNCF certification

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