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      GALLY self-locking nut

      The gally vargal Self-locking nut is a nut with an external elastic spring. Gally vargal? Self-locking nuts have been successfully used in tightening demand applications for many years.

      -Excellent shock resistance

      -Suitable for high temperature environment

      -This is a reusable nut

      The torque presented by the nut ensures the best tightening effect of the stainless steel spring.


      -Vargal standard

      -Vargal Low


      texture of material:

      -Cl.8 steel

      -Cl.10 steel

      -Stainless steel


      Nuts for cl.8 and cl.10 Steels:

      -CR3 white zinc coating

      -Jiaomeite 500B

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