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        1. J. Lanfranco self-locking nut

          Advantages of lanfranco lock nut

          make the bolt and nut not loose under the severe vibration of the upper, lower, left and right

          Both strong lock and weak lock can be ensured

          various materials

           easy to install and disassemble


          can be reused

          is not affected by temperature change

          Various materials

          carbon steel: grade 5,8

          carbon steel: Class 8, 10, 12

          stainless steel: sus 304316

          Other: titanium, bronze, brass, light alloy self-locking nuts

          Various specifications

           carbon steel: m2-m60

          stainless steel: M2-M24 (standard) m27-m60 (consultation required)

          Scope of application

          Mining equipment for railway casting and rail transit transmission system

          Highway military oil production machinery automobile industry public facilities

          Metro engine construction machinery Aerospace drilling equipment

          Bridge generator agricultural machinery ship industry Metallurgical Equipment

          Wind power generation of train compressor medical mechanical signal system