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        1. Germany norelem series

          Dear customers
          Product series and classification
          01020 air cushion buffer plate 01040 T-groove cast iron base 01060 steel bottom plate 01130 rectangular precision steel plate
          01140 gray cast iron or aluminum alloy plate 01148 pallet 01160 rectangular gray iron or aluminum block 01180 gray cast iron hollowed out bottom plate
          01380 gray iron or aluminum L-shaped plate 01440 gray iron or aluminum unequal L-shaped plate
          01560 gray cast iron and aluminum H-shaped plate 01580 gray iron or aluminum T-shaped plate 01640 gray iron or aluminum V-shaped plate
          Wide V-shaped plate made of 01660 gray cast iron 01680 gray cast iron or aluminum U-shaped plate 01740 square hollow shaped plate made of gray cast iron
          01760 gray cast iron rectangular hollow plate 01780 gray cast iron 60 degree angle plate 01820 gray cast iron 45 degree angle plate
          01280 steel round plate 01320 gray iron or aluminum round plate
          01250 cast iron base with or without T-groove 01252 aluminum angle plate 01263 single side angle plate 01265 double angle plate
          01270 gray cast iron double angle plate
          01850 four corner plate 01852 gray cast iron four corner plate